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January 16th, 2013, 06:44 AM
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congrads!!! so happy, n excited for u!!! n SUCH a sweet idea to tell him today (happy birthday to him indeed =) ) definately keep us posted on his reaction, n just a bit of advice? i would soooo recommend a nurse-midwife to a doctor. i have 4, n my experience with a doctor with my first child left much to be desired, which is a great understatement. i got pregnant with our 2nd child, n my husband n i had some problems so i moved to my mothers which is about 78 miles away. i obviously needed prenatal care, n met with a nmw. well my husband n i reconciled, but i absolutely loved my nmw so much that even though she was so far away, i continued with her care, n since then our 3rd, n 4th have been delivered by her as well. the exerience has been that great that through the distance for all 3 pregnancies was well worth it to be with a nmw, esp one that i was lucky enough to like on my first try meeting with someone else for my babys/my prenatal care.
again, congrads!!! n keep us posted on his reaction =)
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