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September 3rd, 2006, 11:44 PM
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Hi and

Is there any state or federal regulations on homeschooling?[/b]
Evey state has it's own laws. is a good place to start.

If you homeschool your child, how is it tracked with the state school system?[/b]
It's not. Homeschooling has nothing to do with the state schools just as privet schools don't. Unless your using a public school charter then it's basicaly ps at home.

How do they know the child is actuallly doing the work?[/b]
They don't, homeschooling is provided by the parents, so your children are only accountable to you unless you use a charter as above, or a corespondence type course which goes back to be marked.

Are there tests that the child must do to "prove" they are learning the material?[/b]
This depends on your state. Some states require testing others not. Some states require a porfolio instead, others nothing. You will know if they are learning.

is it done over the internet or do they go to a testing center?[/b]
I believe in some states your child would go to the local ps for testing or some other specified place. Some states let you take the test at home and just ask you to file the results. I don't know if over the internet is available for state tests. Schools that use live internet might do there own testing that way.

Hope that helps. Feel free to ask any more questions you have.

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