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January 16th, 2013, 08:44 AM
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Well I suppose after 2 months that I should write a birth story for Sam. So on Monday, October 29th I started having what I thought were braxton hicks contractions around 3pm. They were every 20 minutes apart lasting between 30-40 seconds. They continued all night long. They started dwindling off around 7am. I called my daycare client and told them I wouldn't be open today because I didn't get any sleep at all and was going to go to the hospital to be checked out. I got to the hospital around 9am and all hooked up. Of course I only had 2 very small contractions while I was there. They checked me and I was 3cm, same as I was at my last appointment. They sent me home around noon that day, but scheduled me an induction for the following Monday if I didn't have the baby by then.

Well that night, Tuesday, October 30th, around 9pm I started having what I thought were braxton hicks again. They were 20 minutes apart again and lasting 30-40 seconds again. I thought great here I go again in false labor AGAIN and am going to sleep like crap. At 11:10pm it all of the sudden hit me, BAM! Contractions (which felt like braxton hicks, just tighting of the stomach but painful) started coming every 2-3 minutes lasting 30-50 seconds. At 11:30pm I decided to tell my DH about it and when I did the contractions started coming every 1-2 minutes and lasting 30-40 seconds. DH called a neighbor to come watch the boys so I could go get checked out again. I called my Dad and told him we were going to be heading to the hospital to get checked out. I didn't ask him to come, but I had a few contractions while I was on the phone with him and he just said we are on our way (they live an hour and 15 minutes away). It seemed like forever before the neighbor would get to our house to watch our boys. The hospital is only a couple blocks away. We got there at 12:10am on Halloween. They got me in a gown and checked me. I was 7cm! I asked for some Nubain/Stadul right away. The nurse told me she had to get an IV line started in case needed, and blood drawn for labs before I could get drugs. I told her this was going to happen fast because it did with my second (3 hours total). So I asked her to hurry so I could get the drugs. She finally got the blood drawn and checked me again and I was 8cm. At 12:30am the doctor got there. I was begging for drugs by then and no one would give me anything. They just kept saying just breath and try to relax. I'm like what do you think I'm trying to do!?! DH tried to calm me down and I told him to shut up. I saw him and a nurse exchange looks and kind of smile. The doctor said labor was going to fast that I couldn't get any drugs. I knew that was bull**** but all I had left to do at that point was push because I was 10cm at 12:35am! The doctor broke my water and after 2 pushes Samuel William Heitman was born at 12:40am on October 31st. He weighed 6lbs 3oz and was 19 1/4" long. My 3rd little baby boy. I wasn't really surprised that it was another boy. I was so happy. DH called my Dad and told him that Sam was here and my Dad wasn't even in town yet. He couldn't believe it. We couldn't decide on a name for him until later that afternoon. I successfully achieved my 2VBAC! It was amazing, but it all happened so fast. It was happening so fast that I could hardly get control of the contractions to breath through them all, I couldn't get on top of them. The contractions weren't giving me any breaks in between. Labor was only 1 1/2 hours total from 11:10pm to 12:40am. I don't count the false contractions that were 20 minutes apart. The doctor was so proud of me she said. She said I did a good job. She loves when people achieve a VBAC. I will try to post pictures soon.
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