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January 16th, 2013, 12:40 PM
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I think my births were dependent on their inborn personalities. Not the other way around.

My first is still a no-nonsense, not rushed, intellectual, gentle child. As was his birth, a mild, long labor that was pretty straight forward and required more mental energy than physical energy.

My second is a firecracker who likes to keep me on my toes and has very distinct ideas about how things will happen in his life. He is very physical. His birth was definitely not as I planned and he seemed to enjoy keeping me guessing to the very last second. His labor was more physically involved than mental.

I will be interested to see what happens this time around. Based on what I know of this baby's inborn personality, she is likely to be a physical birth and possibly a shorter one. We will see. But she is my most active baby in the womb and is also most likely to respond to me when I am bugging her or she hears me/the kids talking loud. So we will see
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