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January 16th, 2013, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by tryinfor5 View Post

So mommas with 2 or more... how do you juggle time with the kids?? My new guy is 9 weeks, my older is 2 and a half. My older child demands a lot of time from me - but I feel like I am slighting the younger one trying not to make the older feel left out. Where do you find that balance??
I worry about this too. Maddie will be 3 when the baby comes, and she demands so much of my time. If I just sit on the couch, she'll happily play on her own, but the second I get the computer out, she climbs on my lap and insists she needs to sit there. She'll even grab my hand if I'm typing and say "mommy I need your hand"....and she won't let it go. I have a feeling I'm going to be doing a lot of nursing with her sitting on my lap. It also kills me to pick her up, so I try to only hold her if we're sitting down, but she's still my baby so when she wants up, I have a hard time telling her its just too hard on me.

I too have issues with friends, and no excuse because I've lived in the same area for my whole life. None of my high school friends have kids yet, and a couple aren't married, which just puts us in different places. My "best" friend, which I use loosely, is going through a divorce, so I try to be there for her, but she also wants to go out and date a bunch of guys now, so hanging out together on a weekend is out. I have a friend I met on JM, but she is going on her 6th kid, and she lives 2 hours away, so that makes it difficult for us to get together.

Too bad we don't all live in the same area and could hang out

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