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January 16th, 2013, 02:40 PM
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Originally Posted by ashj_1218 View Post
My second birth was pretty hateful. But more because of the pitocin than the Nubain (which does exactly nothing but make you a little drowsy). Pitocin contractions hurt like the devil. I had an IV which pumped lots of fluids into me. So I felt uncomfortable most of the time. Even looking at pictures afterward, I look like heck following my second birth. My first, I was shining and full of energy.
i actually have a photo of me flipping off the camera.....I was miserable and tired even though i was numb (sorta) waist down. I had like 6 ppl in the room with me. DH was one nad he was playing xbox with his friend, two other women i knew and 2 kids. all but DH and the 2 ladies were left when it came time to push and i made it hell for one who was holding my hand. I tore so bad it wasnt funny because the dr was rushing the birth. this was from my first pregnancy.

Trust me after my son i learned that NO electronics will be allowed in the room when i deliver again, because DH was on the laptop during my sons birth, well while i was in pain at 6 cm that is until the guy came to do my epidural.
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