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January 16th, 2013, 04:01 PM
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I work in my local school district, so I am around kids a lot. I believe that parents should keep their kids home when they are sick. I had one little girl in a class last week who had missed school the day before because she was sick. She came in late for class, the poor little girl looked awful. I let her put her head down on her desk, and I tried to keep her away from the other kids. She wan't able to call home, because I don't believe that there was anyone home she could call.

I think that kids should stay home when they are sick, however, I can also see the side of the single, working mother, or the family where both parents work and there is no one who can watch the child. Some parents can't take off time to be with their sick kids, so they have no choice but to send them to school. When that is the case, I just try and keep the sick kid away from everyone else, and make sure that everyone uses lots and lots of hand sanitizer.
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