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January 16th, 2013, 04:47 PM
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Hi everyone! I'm Sarah and my husband Liam and I are expecting our first on April 7th, a little girl! We are thrilled! My husband and I are both in love with the name Aubrey, so we have chosen that for her first name. Our problem was finding a middle name. I like the typical middle names..Elizabeth, Lynn, Rose, Paige, Marie and Ann, but I feel as though I would like something different for her. My husband has said no to almost all my suggestions. Today we were talking about how everyone in his family is named after another family member in some way. Either they have their first name, middle name or a modern alternative version on the name. We did know who we would name our daughter after. Then my husband suggested the name Mila (pronounced Me-la, like Mila Kunis).I really love the name. This name uses the same letters as my husband Liams name, the letters are just mixed around, so we are thinking of using this name in honor of my husband. My issue is that i dont really feel that Aubrey Mila flows that great. But then again you don't use the middle name that often so I'm not sure it matters.. We really love both names and the idea behind the middle name, so your opinions would really help. My husband says he def likes Mila for a middle name and not a first name. Any comments would really be great? Can we use it? or keep looking? Thanks!
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