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January 16th, 2013, 06:17 PM
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Well, Declan just turned 4 months on Sunday. I have been doing the monthly picture and weight thing for awhile now. Well this month he is hovering around 20lbs

Now, he isn't all chunky, he is overall a big boy. He is very long and has his daddy's big head. He is just big. I am getting SO many comments from people about how "big" he is. Such as, "Oh my baby was 20lbs at 10 months." "My granddaughter is 2 and is about 23lbs." "Geez, what are you feeding that kid?" I am trying to just brush it off and not let it bother me but it really is starting to get to me. I feel like I am doing something wrong.

When he was born he was 9lb 6oz, so not even close to being a small baby. He was EBF up until 3 months and was introduced to a bottle of formula at night because it helped him sleep better. Now that I am back at work, he is being bottle fed with about 70% pumped milk and the rest formula. When I am home, he is bf. I am probably just being paranoid about it because there have been so many comments. He is otherwise a very healthy and active baby. I don't feel like he is overeating and he hardly ever comfort feeds anymore.

He has his 4 month check on Monday and I am definitely going to bring it up to the pediatrician. I just need a little reassurance I guess.

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