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January 16th, 2013, 06:35 PM
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Well, like I told Cortney, we never used the booties or caps. Maybe it was just our girls' personal preferences, but maybe not. I found that we always had more of them than we could ever possibly need. Those tend to be things that people buy on their own, whether they're on the registry or not.

Are you aware that you have a Boppy AND another nursing pillow on Target? I know that most people don't spend as much as you would like to think that they will so my fear is that you'll end up with both of them.

Like everyone else said, you have a lot of duplicates. You need to pick the ONE of each item (namely the bigger-ticket items) that you want and remove everything else that is extra. For example - doorway jumper, play yard, bath tub, some of the bottles, cart & high chair covers, baby carriers. I know you are going to have people buying off of both registries, but they will pick one or the other. Register for some of your larger items on 1 registry and different larger items on the other registry. That way, people have plenty of price-range choices, but you won't end up with multiples of either the same or similar items.

Also, I'm not necessarily telling you to remove them, but in my experience, most people won't buy any nursing pads or other breastfeeding supplies. It just seems to be something that most people feel funny about buying.

My final suggestion would be to mention on the Babies R Us site that you are doing Classic Pooh. Otherwise, you are going to end up with just regular Winnie the Pooh stuff, and you might not want that for your nursery since you already have the crib set, etc.
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