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January 16th, 2013, 06:50 PM
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Agree! I've only looked at the target registry. With the multiples, I am trying to understand why you would register for so many different things. Is it to give the buyer different options?

About the pacifiers, I would only register for 2 or 3. The hospital usually supplies you with a paci, but with all those pacifiers you never know if your child will refuse the pacifier all together. My second son would NOT take a paci for anything. Luckily I only had a couple of pacifiers on hand when he was born. True, you can return things that aren't used but they may question why you are bringing 30 pacifiers back.

I would stick to one tub. I have actually never used a tub, I always thought they were useless. I just bought the bath sponge to lay the baby on.

With the bath washes/lotions, you seem to have an over whelming amount registered. This is the type of item you may decide you only like a certain brand, or your baby may have sensitive skin and then you are stuck with a ton of unused bath products.

Bottles and diapers, again....something you may go through a few different types before finding one your baby likes or that works well for your baby. I would register for just a couple of bottles and maybe a few different packs of diapers. I had an overload in diapers for my first son, turns out he could only wear huggies because anything that touched his bottom would instantly break his little tush out. I ended up exchanging diapers all the time.

In general, I think that in place of all the duplicates I would ask for gift cards. This will allow you to make trips to target to buy a different pacifier/bottle/diaper/bath wash to try. Rather than asking for so many different types of items.

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