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January 16th, 2013, 07:07 PM
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Yesterday we received some pretty bad news at my OBGYN and U/S visit.
This is my 6th pregnancy and C section, and I was informed that the baby has implanted on my old scar, the scar is thinning, and I have a placenta previa right now. (it is still early in my pregnany and the placenta can move but the DR said the baby had implanted directly ontop of it and even after moving it would still likely be there). The DR discusssed that possibility of total dehiscence (rupture) and said that because I have a history of accreta (4th pregnancy) it is a very real danger and worry that this will happen again. To complicate things even more I am positive for Kell antibody which required us delivering baby number 5 a month early. I went for a blood titer yesterday with results back friday morning (uggh I hate waiting that long) the DR said if the titer was as bad as w last pregnancy I can expect either a) in utero blood transfsions or b) another early delivery. She said to 'plan' on a delivery sometime between 25-36 weeks depending on how long my scar can hold up. I will DEF not go to 38 weeks she said best case scenario they will do repeat c section at 37 weeks d/t pressure on scar but could go earlier if scar isnt holding up or baby becomes too anemic d/t kell antibody. I know medical termination is an option..but it is not an option for us.

To complicate everything to the 3rd power (as if this wasnt all complicated enough lol ) DH and I are quiverful. we allow God to choose the spacing of our children and dont belive in BC. add to that his and mine VERY catholic family who are calling me on the phone telling me that a tubal ligation is against God and that I should either abstain forever until menopause or only have relations 1x a month (day before AF would begin so as to be quite conservative with the timing and possibility of being pregnant). They dont seem to grasp the idea that this is LIFE THREATENING and I can afford another baby even if by accident and surprize!

I guess what I am looking for is to hear from anyone who has been in a similar situation and surviced through it with baby. I wanna hear the good and the bad so i can be well prepared. what happened to u? to baby? did u need a hystorectomy? did u get ur tubes tied? do u have a friend this happened to? any answers or words of encouragent would be really helpful. all I ahve geard really from friends and family is either terminate or have faith. I just need some down home honest answers. TIA.
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