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January 16th, 2013, 07:33 PM
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So today O went to the doctor. All 3 of us went.

According to the Dr, O does NOT have a heart murmur. Also according to the Dr, he does NOT have asthma. He actually told her, "Don't try to find things wrong with him, he's the healthiest boy I have seen in a while!" I asked the Dr if O should ever be given an inhaler if he showed signs of "asthma," and he said, "Absolutely not!"

So then we get home, and out of nowhere, he says, "I don't know why my mom thinks she takes better care of me."

We probed him a little bit and this is what he told us.
  • He used to be with us only on the weekends, and even though we had lots of fun, he wanted to be with us more.
  • His mom thinks he should spend more time with her because she is his mom and she gave birth to him
  • We are blaming her for his cavities and saying its all her fault.
  • She does a better job and knows how to take care of him more than we do

So we tell him the next time his mom talks about us to him he needs to tell her to stop. He said he doesn't know why she thinks that when he has more fun with us anyway. We asked him point blank, have we ever said a mean thing about your mom to you? and he said, of course not!

The brainwash she is trying to do is backfiring and it is nobody's fault but her own!

Oh well. We're over it, just thought I'd share. I found it kind of sad actually.
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