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January 16th, 2013, 09:12 PM
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Oh I bet she will. But what she doesn't realize is Eric is much better at these things than she is. When we got to the Dr she had already checked him in and paid the co-pay. (We made the appointment.) After the Dr visit we tried to give her $17.50 (copay was 35) and she said "Nooo you paid for his soccer which was 32.50 each so it's only a 2.50 difference. We tried many times to explain to her that we paid HER 32.50 and she paid OUR 17.50 but she didn't get it.

Finally tonight at soccer we put O in the car and called her over. We said, here is a check for 35 to cover the WHOLE copay. We have now paid 17.50 for your half of the copay AND 32.50 for your half of soccer. Sign this paper saying we are deducting 50 dollars from what I owe you. it finally clicked for her and she signed it.

The battles are long, but in the end, worth it. She kept her distance at soccer. Didnt sit right with us but sat a few feet away so O could easily bounce back and forth. She knows I don't want to be BFF's but she knows we need to keep it friendly for O.
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