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January 16th, 2013, 11:27 PM
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I had my first trimester blood work done and my papp-a level was .22, my HCG and NT scan was normal. I was put into a high risk catagory 1:8 for DS. I am 35 and this is my third pregnancy. I declined the amnio. I had my 20 week genetic ultrasound today, and there were no soft markers for DS. Everything looks great so far. I did not have the blood work done with my first 2 pregnancies. I did however deliever early each time. My first son, now a 6 came almost a month early and my second son, now 2 came two weeks early. I also had a wierd hemmorage with my last pregnancy that lasted about an hour or so, close to a week before I delivered. I am thinking Ive had the low papp-a levels with each pregnancy, mabye that was the cause of my minor complications. If all your other test come back clear, I would not worry. I would just take it easy during your pregnancy to ease any potential complications. Im sure your baby will be born healthy! Enjoy your pregnancy. God Bless!
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