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January 17th, 2013, 12:19 AM
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Once again I don't mean to get political, but now that Idle No More is starting to take a pretty scary turn I'm wondering if it's making more prominent spot in the news across the country?
There has been more than one direct threat of domestic terrorism, and yet people don't seem to be taking notice. I know there are little things through Ont, but it does seem to be pretty isolated to the Prairies.

The reason I bring it up is only because the idea of these threats coming true really makes me nervous. Should they 'make good' on them I worry what that means for our family directly with dh's ties to the military, and also what that opens us up for as a country regarding attacks from foreign enemies.

I'm really counting on this being 'just talk', because no one else seems as worried. Tired and hormonal me should really stop reading the Winnipeg Free Press

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