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January 17th, 2013, 05:43 AM
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945 so in 4 hours. I started bleeding heavy again over the weekend, it was brown but still freaked me out, called OB and was told to just relax and drink more water. Well the m/s has been awful this week to where I was having a hard time holding down anything. The bleeding went to light spotting, then wake up this morning to the heavy brown blood again. Still nauseated this morning, so keeping fingers crossed that maybe the SCH has gone down and the Lil Who is growing away in there.


First off, I have the most amazing Dr office. DH Skyped me at 830 this morning, told me they were about to leave on a mission and this might be our last talk for 2 weeks. So he stayed on Skype on my phone came with me to the doctor. Signed in and used the rest room. They did my weight, down 3 lbs from last week. BP still good. Then we went in the room. Baby is measuring 8 weeks 4 days with HB of 180! SCH has gone down. Guess that's all the bleeding. And DH got to stay on Skype for the whole appointment. Go to the Perinatologist Tuesday and follow up again with the OB in a week. Still on Bed rest. Oh, and while I was there, started dry heaving so without asking, doctor wrote me a prescription for zofran to help with all the nausea!

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