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January 17th, 2013, 06:37 AM
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4 Boys & 4 Girls !
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YYaahoooooo Im back !!!!!!

Yah one of my boys likes looking for bugs and digging in sand playing with cars ect...other boys not so typical but still into cars...lool...

We did move back to our house here that we bought just before I had my last DD3. So its all familiar and will have limited family near. So thats a bummer. My children ages are DS1-22yrs DS2-almost 21 DS3- almost 16yrs DD1-6 yrs DS4- 4 may will be 5....DD2 3 yrs DD3-16months
We only brought the 4 littles to Saudia And the trip back was pretty good. No missed flights during travel the only problem was about 3 hrs total of turbulence on the last flight in the states. Thanks for the well wishes.

Have you ever traveled outside the US? We have been to ALOT of countries and lived in UK for a few years.
I am so happy that my sinus infection is almost gone!!! i have not had a headache now for almost 2 days...yaahh!!! and my m/s is coming so much less...

What about you? is yours letting up a bit? hows things with you there? ooh are you on the east or west coast...? Im on the west coast
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