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January 17th, 2013, 07:17 AM
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I had my second appointment on Tuesday. It was fairly quick, I think my doctor was super busy. Anyway, he added Zantac and Regalan to control stomach acid and they have helped a lot. Then he attempted to find the heartbeat with a doppler but he couldn't. He kept telling me not to worry that baby was hiding behind my pubic bone. Finally, he brought in a bedside u/s machine that was really a laptop type device. He found the heartbeat with that, it was in the 150's. He didn't give me any measurements or print outs though. Oh yeah, he did briefly mention that my chances for pre-e with this pregnancy are double the normal chances but still only 14%, so I don't know if I feel good about that or not. But yay for an unexpected ultrasound and good heartbeat!
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