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January 17th, 2013, 08:29 AM
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It's not that I don't like NNs, but I usually prefer to use "just" the NN as a FN, if that's what you'll mainly be calling them anyway. Unless, of course, it's a silly made-up on the spot kind of NN like "wiggle-butt" or something. Haha.

Allison nn Lissie - Dislike both.
Elizabeth nn Betta - Prefer Libby to Betta.
Felicity nn Flick - I don't like Flick at all. If I were to use a NN for Felicity it'd probably be Lissy or something similar.
Harriet nn Hatsy - Dislike both.
Isabel nn Ibby - Prefer Izzy.
Eleanor/Helen nn Nellie - Really like Nellie, but not Eleanor or Helen.
Nora nn Nonie - Strongly dislike Nonie, but like Nora a lot.
Josephine nn Posy - Love Josephine, prefer Josie or Joey over Posy...but it is cute.
Teresa nn Tree - Strongly dislike both.
Genevieve nn Veva - Actually prefer Veva over Genevieve
Victoria nn Vita - Would prefer Tori over Vita

Richard nn Dix or Hitch - Dislike all 3.
James/Jeremy nn Jem - Love Jem because of To Kill A Mockingbird, wouldn't use either James or Jeremy though.
Christopher nn Kit - Love Kit, dislike Christopher.
Edward nn Ned - Like Edward, dislike Ned.
Oliver nn Noll - Much prefer Olly to Noll.
Philip nn Pip - Like Pip, dislike Philip.
Thomas nn Tip - Dislike both.
Alexander nn Zan - Dislike both.
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