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January 17th, 2013, 10:50 AM
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Originally Posted by ~AmazedByYou~ View Post
Okay. You still have 2893478329479328423 pacifiers and bottles, two rock n plays, two nursing pillows (not including covers), tons of bath/lotion stuff, four bath tubs/tub sponges/bath mats, I believe 5 mattress covers (not sheets, just mattress covers), two ergos plus a mei tai, 2 or more shopping cart covers, 2 or more diaper disposal systems (arm and hammer and diaper dekor), wayyyyyy too many diapers/wipes, way too many breast pads, 10 towels, 800 toys, 3+ table changing pads, and two or more first aid kits. Honestly, if you want to get any of the "important" things from your list you need to get rid of the junk. You need a tub more than you need 15 kinds of bottles and pacifiers, etc. I understand it's "fun" to make a registry but if I went to the stores and printed these out (which print out instead of fishing through to find items, I'd just buy something I think you'd like to save myself an hour of searching. It's fine to get one pack of each type of bottles, but you do not need multiple boxes of each style including stuff like extra nipples, drop ins, etc. I think you need to cut it down even more. Unless you expect 100+ people at each shower.

Ditto!!! A baby is a real little human being, not a doll! She will need a handful of really useful items but unlike a doll she does not need a million cutesy accessories!!! I personally would rather get one boppy, one rock and play and one case of diapers more so then 10 platex nursers, 10 tommy tippy bottles and 25 binkies! If I were you I would really think about what is important! You can always add to your registries if after your first shower there isn't much selection!
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