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January 17th, 2013, 12:06 PM
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I think anything can be twisted to look suspicious or questionable if someone wants it to be. There are inconsistencies in everything because as humans our minds are faulty and the same exact situation can be seen very differently by two different people.

Originally Posted by plan4fate View Post
While I agree, there have been some inconsistencies... I also take anything that comes out withing 24 hours of an incident with a major grain of salt. Usually after a week it's easier to see the broad photo. Something speculated at 2hours after may be very different from what actually happened. But some people just don't understand that initial reviews and the final information are different.

The Emilie thing was very upsetting for me. It took me exactly 45 seconds to find out the red dress photo was from a previous year and that it was her sister. But I must have heard "siblings don't look that much alike" a dozen times in reply to my pointing it out.

I too am blown away by the amount of people who have bought into this. I have some very strong opinions on the reasons why, but they're rather insulting so I'll keep them to myself.
The news thing is just ridiculous, the news media are so desperate to have something to report in incidence like this that they report anything they get. Without looking into it and investigating. So a man was found in the woods at the time, that doesn't mean he was involved. The Emilie photo thing is truly insane, i think it's pretty clear to see that is her younger sister with Obama. And the people saying how Emilie was photo shopped into family pictures, there are pictures such as the one on snopes (pointing out it is in fact her younger sister, not her) where she is in the middle. If it is a conspiracy that would be quite a slip to bring out the wrong sister, Come on.

And the talk about why hasn't Ryan been on the news. Um, his brother just murdered his mother and several other innocent people. And first he was identified on television as being the killer. Maybe he wants nothing to do with the news media and is trying to sort things out.

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