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January 17th, 2013, 01:38 PM
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Cool...Where exactly have you gone? and wheres your favorite place? OOh man...favorite place??? I would have to say Dubai!! its literally paradise on earth. Its sooo and has soo much to do there. You can even snow ski in one of the malls there. I love it... and have been there about 10 different times or so....sometimes for a month at a time.

Setteling is ok except the jet lag. Still got some unpacking to do and took a day for the house to get warm lool. and the kids are having a great time playing outside comfortablely for the first time in a long time..lool...

No changes yet for baby. but we will eventually...what about you? Will you be letting baby share a room with brother when he/she is a little older? Is your son excited for baby or not totally understanding baby is coming? Do you ever take him to the local library for story time and to check out books? My kids totally love it. I cant wait to get back in the habit of going again.
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