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January 17th, 2013, 04:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Frozenoj View Post
I think that when people use grammar that is so far off from mine, it is difficult to read. Maybe my privileged while people grammar is hard for them to read too. I won't call people out on their grammar because I don't see how that is going to help, but I will skip past posts that are hard for me to read.
Ditto this. Also, the reality is that those with less education struggle more with grammar than those with more education. Sometimes when someone's argument is almost incoherent due to bad grammar, I may not give their thoughts as much consideration as say, someone who clearly is educated. However, I'm not talking nit picking grammar. I'm talking the, "You be idiot! Two plus two is sevun you idiot! I'm write and you are wrong." You know, the bull-headed people who, during debate, can't see anyone else's basic logic an refuse to admit wrong, even when you've provided substantial evidence. Example: I had one person tell me that there is no such thing as a wound that occurs after death. I referred her to several scientific explanations on what postmortem wounds are. She continued to insist I was wrong and they didn't exist. So while I wouldn't bring up their grammar as "evidence" they don't know what they are talking about (because many people with poor grammar ARE still very intelligent), it will make me more likely to find what they are saying doubtful or think that perhaps they were misinformed or misunderstood something. Nowadays, though, most people have horrible grammar because the school system fails to teach it. Where I live, people are entering high school unable to read. Also, I don't see myself "privileged" over others. There are plenty of people who got the same exact education I have but still have poor grammar, logic, and reasoning skills. I don't like seeing those people blame their income or skin color, etc, when they got *the same exact education I did*. Also, we were pretty poor growing up. It's not like my parents were rich and thus I magically had excellent grammar despite having the same education as them.
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