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January 17th, 2013, 07:58 PM
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My first birth was a natural hospital birth, but I didn't arrive until I was 9cm dilated. Labored a bit in water, he was born on land. But then things got intense. On day 2 his respritory rate skyrocketed and he was found to have a pneumothorax and was kept in the NICU for a week, a few days of which I couldn't hold him or "stimulate" him in any way, so no breastfeeding etc.. (I pumped until we could continue). Anyway, all that to say his BIRTH was very simple and peaceful, but that first week was *rough*! He is very intellectual, curious about the world, emotionally sensitive and physical, but he is easily intimidated and is terrified of Drs and medical offices! I can't help but feel there is a connection...

My second has a completely different story, all around. He was a home water birth- much faster than my first, but similar in intensity. I consider his birth to be very spiritual for me, in that something about the process was very emotionally moving and taught me many lessons. So his birth was pretty straightforward, but then we dealt with colic and ppd, and that was a wild ride. His personality is so different than that of his brother. He is bold and confident - unafraid of life. But he also has a tender side that is very sensitive to the emotional needs of others and loves to cuddle...when he's not climbing and running!

I guess my conclusion is, its not just their birth that shapes their personality, but a combination of the pregnancy, their birth and the life surcumstances that follow shortly after, and then birth order and God given personality, that all shape the person they become.

Why am I so wordy?

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