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January 17th, 2013, 09:23 PM
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8-9 DPO today. We just so happened to BD on or the day before O, and I had some spectacular EWCM. If it takes, and it's a boy, we will call him James Tiberius! Yes, indeed, we really will.

My eldest has had the flu for a week. None of us have caught it. New Year's resolution was to keep a tidy house, and till the kiddo got ill that was going well. Still pretty well, but our living area is a mess.

Haven't been to church in weeks, and my awesome preacher has called on me to hand out invites to single mothers down the road. I agreed even though I hate people like me knocking door to door. We're in the Bible Belt. Everyone knows Jesus or they are hunted down. Don't come here, the South is a cloud of death.

I've taken up commissions again, and I am having a blast. Will start jewelry making soon! so excited!
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