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January 17th, 2013, 10:05 PM
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I had Alex admitted to the hospital on boxing day for rev where all they could do for him was suctioning out his nose and throat and nebulizer treatments for three days every 2hrs and a oral lung steriod. Now keep in mind that it is not true most babies are hospitalized they say only normally when they are premies or have a lower immune system.
I will let u know what happened with Alex over Christmas eve and Christmas he started with a mild cough and by xmas eve night noticed the mucous in his chest and his cough was worse woke up morning and he had watery eyes was fussy and his cough was getting worse and now sounded a bit wheezy. Boxing day i debated all day whether I should take him in as he was wheezing really bad had a horrible cough still getting worse started running a fever about 9:00pm came and he was chocking on his mucous and turned blue and he was also pulling in his chest when he breathed. Very scary...

He required also for 2 nights constant oxygen as his stats kept dropping.

He was sent home and this is what my Dr said was give him his blue inhaler every 4hrs use a warm air humidifier with hicks oil on the humidifier and clear his mucous he get with a bulb syringe.
He got over the cough about a week and a half later and he is fine now.
Just watch that he isn't pulling their chest in or have rapid breathing and use the humidifier. Just because some babies are hospitalized doesn't mean all will be and they say 90% of babies will get rsv before the age of 2. I hope Jordan starts feeling better I will have you in my thought.
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