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September 4th, 2006, 08:07 AM
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Okay, I'm a few weeks away from pulling my 5 year old out of kindergarten because I'm not happy with it. I know I'm going to use Sonlight, but I'm not sure about HOW to order it. I've gone down from $700 to $600 just by getting the math and science elsewhere, but I'm really wanting to get closer to $500. So, along those lines, I have these questions:

Do I need to buy the whole big core kit or can I just buy the core instructor's manual and get the books from the library/bookstore as needed? How much more prep time will that add for me? How much time is spent on one book (am I going to end up with overdue fees at the library?) If I don't buy the whole big kit, then what do I need to buy? The manual and consumables?

And what about their Language Arts and Bible progams? Does anyone have any input on those?

Here's what I'm looking at right now:
Core K with level 2 readers (will it be easy for me to figure out what those readers are if I decide not to order them at the same time as the instructor manual?)
Horizon Math (K)
Apologia Science (Astronomy)
Sonlight Bible and LA (unsure)
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