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January 19th, 2013, 09:37 AM
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Both of the boys placentas had to be sent away for testing. Both were abnormally clotted and prematurely aged for their gestation. It probably has to do with the blood clotting condition I have. Although it was treated in Kierans pregnancy, so they really don't know why the placenta was not as healthy as it should have been. Thankfully, both boys figured out to come early and it didn't cause any issues (other than a short NICU stay for Liam because he was technically a "preemie" and had some breathing trouble).

This time, given the placenta is healthy and I am able to take it with me, we plan to encapsulate it. We did not have any one local who did it (and I am NOT doing it myself) until this year. And now she lives about 30 minutes away, so we will be giving the placenta to her to do. I don't mind the money, only because we are not having a doula this time around. Last time I didn't find it helpful or even comfortable to have someone else in the room with me. I truly relied more on my mom, who is totally for NCB. So we opted out of a doula and therefore dont mind spending a bit of money on something different. I figure with my third, I can use any energy I can get from those pills
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