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January 19th, 2013, 09:53 AM
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I had a midwife appointment yesterday and everything looks good! It lasted 2 hours! I love that we can just sit and chat about babies and birth, etc.. and I don't feel rushed. I have never felt so relaxed about my appointments before - they are just awesome! I'm 13.5 weeks now. So excited to have made it this far, and be entering my second trimester! I was SO worried we wouldn't be able to hear a heartbeat, but after searching for a minute, my midwife found it and it was a strong 160 bpm Blood pressure was really good and I've gained some weight. Starting to really pop out now Anyway, that's my update!

PS - DH found our old laptop, so that's what I'm using for now, until our other one is fixed. Hopefully soon as this one is a pain to type on - several of the keys don't work!

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