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January 19th, 2013, 02:13 PM
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Wow, skiing in a mall? That's amazing!

Outside of the country I've visited Germany, Hong Kong, and Norway. I don't really have a favorite. My favorite place to live was probably Portland, Oregon. It was so easy to have fun outdoor experiences without driving too far, and there were plenty of great place to drive to for longer getaways.

We haven't changed anything for the baby yet. I think the baby will be in our room until he/she sleeps well, then the two kids will share a room. If the baby is a boy, they'll share a room for as long as they live here. Otherwise we'll have to come up with a third bedroom eventually.

I've told my son there's a baby growing in my belly and the baby will be part of our family much later. He seems interested, but doesn't really understand. How are your kids feeling about the baby?

We go to the library all the time. It has been a while since we did story time, but I signed up to go with a mom's group soon. We do music classes, and sometimes swimming. We're hoping to sign DS up for preschool next year. What do your kids like to do?
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