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January 20th, 2013, 07:42 AM
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I need help with my very new budget, we are making less money than last year but we continued to spend money like nothing changed. Now I want all debt gone. and i'm realizing how little we have left over at the end of each month. I am having a hard time getting my husband on board since he doesn't do anything with our finances (because he is an "it will all work out in the end" kind of guy who doesn't plan for anything ) this a a very new budget and i'm open to ideas. there are 3 of us, myself my husband and our 2 year old

Your income: 1800.00 will be increasing in 3-4 months because I will get more hours at work.
Dh/SO's income: 2800.00
Other income:

Living expenses
~Rent/Mort pymt: 1000.00, 4.875% 126,000 (we are planning to refinance to a 15 year and it will raise our payment by $60 interest will be 3.9%)
~Electric: 120-200 varies greatly
~Home gas:included in electric
city fees (garbage, sewer, road maintenance) 60
~Cable:150.00 and internet
~Gardener:free that's me
~Home phone:0
~Cell phone:240.00 will be 120 in a few months. I am paying for my dad and my brothers phone, they pay me every 6 months and we used the money to replace some windows in our house instead of taking out a loan.

~Groceries:$600.00 including clothing, toiletries, cleaning products basically anything at target

~Other household items:
~Medical expenses (co-pays, prescriptions): already taken out of my paycheck
~Car gas/transportation expense: $375
~Car maintenance:
~Car insurance 90
~Other insurance:
~Child care: $30.00 out of pocket the rest is already taken out of my paycheck
~Diapersotty trained yay
~Other baby expense: none
~Eating out:$50
~Spending/pocket money:
~Misc spending:$200.00
~beer money at hockey games $75 (I hate this one) and he usually goes over
~misc. home maintenace: 50
savings: $225

Debts-Please list minimum payment, amt you usually pay, balance, interest rate. If you are past due or have special financing (0% interest), please indicate that as well.
~Car payment #1:$450, 2.99%, $21,800
~Car payment #2:$382, 2.99%, $10792
~Student loan: $125, 6%, $6100
~student loan: $49, 6%, $2200. I pay $200 on this one
~student loan: $50, 2.88%, $4100
~student loan: $117, 4.5%, $6500
~student loan: $125, 6.8%, 4300
~Credit card #5:
~Credit card #6:
~Other debt #1 ____________:
~Other debt #2 ____________:
~Other debt #3 ____________:

Goals: (examples: new car, baby, to be a SAHM, vacation, retirement, etc)
1. have another baby off all debt and build a new house and start an in home daycare

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