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January 20th, 2013, 12:04 PM
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Hugs!!! You have been through a lot, and your feelings sound totally normal for someone in your situation. I hear ya on moving from a low cost of living area to a high cost of living area... I *love* where we live now in California, it's my hometown, and I would never in a million years want to move back to Mississippi, but we pay almost 3x monthly rent what we paid on our mortgage in MS, and we had a 2400sq ft 4br 2ba on over an acre of land, and now we have a tiny crummy old house that grows mold everywhere and doesn't even have a dishwasher (or room for one, the kitchen is itty bitty). But, we have a great location and can walk places and I love that.

It must be hard seeing all your old friends in a different place than you, too. Maybe you should seek out some new/expecting-mom groups, through your health care provider, local yahoo groups, meetup groups, etc? I had a hard time getting plugged in when we first moved here, M was 4 months old, but eventually I subscribed to a few mailing lists and found a meetup group and then M got old enough for activities, and I met moms that way too. Free events like library story time. Just some ideas. You will find new friends I hope it gets easier for you soon!!!!

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