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January 20th, 2013, 01:53 PM
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The first two are very pretty homes....each for their own ways. I totally get it. We used to live in Idaho and i miss the mountains...the deserty parts with sagebrush and cedar not as much but the job market was awful there with 38% unemployment rates and in more recent years a huge increase of meth users. So we opted to move back to my home state which has lots of green everywhere and pretty however cost of living is almost prices gave me quite a shock. But jobs are more available. We do have a beautiful home thanks to my dads help but he seems to take that as an open invite to stop in anytime...he doesnt knock...just walks in. And has walked in while i was showering or getting dressed. Yet yells at me if i lock the door. Hes retired so he comes by all the time. He makes comments about my preg belly sticking out and i should "suck it in" I dont miss the economy in Idaho but I miss my privacy and my home being my own!

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