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January 20th, 2013, 02:00 PM
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I feel for you girl. I moved to Maui to follow then BF, now DH. I had DS in Vegas (where I was living at the time - also low cost of living), closed up shop at work and my condo, visited my family in my hometown in CA for a couple weeks and made the big move over by the time DS was 2.5months. I have no family, no friends and until 5 months ago no job (job market sucks, daycare SKYHIGH so decided to be SAHM). Even with the job I have now, I haven't really clicked with anyone to say "hey, lets go get drinks" or whatever. It costs a ridiculous amount of money to live here just for the basics and the fact it costs me $400-800, depending what time of year it is, for ONE roundtrip ticket to visit my family is depressing and painful. I hate that I have to THINK about if I can afford to see my loved ones. I try to think the grass isn't greener, but the thing is - I know it is. And that has started to take its toll on me. A big reason is also because I want to my children to have the kind of upbringing I did, to have their family and know what I know life can be like. I grew up in a "it takes a village" environment...this solo living is super alien to me & I hate it. I have already told DH I'm done and that at the end of his contract I want to back to the mainland.

I think in the end, everyone has to be happy...I'm not, this isnt' what I want and am at a point where I'm moving pieces of life around to get us moving. I feel like in order for us to be good to our babies & family, we have to remember to take care of ourselves. Not in a selfish way, but to be open and communicate...cause when stuff festers, its just makes you feel worse, like you're all alone in it.

So maybe you can just start making some dialogue with never know, he could be thinking the same thing...Sending you good thoughts ~

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