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January 20th, 2013, 07:25 PM
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sounds like time to really sit down as a family( you and DH) and figure out what would make more sense...if DH can find solid work in OH it may be worth looking into. I moved 5.5 hours away from home to be with DH and as much as I get homesick sometimes bc I miss my family and perks of the big city(shopping ect.) I was at a place in my life where all my friends were in a completely different place and frankly were not the best for me. So I made a decision to move to a little Podunk town I had no friends and all DH friends were friends with his ex so it was very awkward(small town stuff). At first it was very hard but I met a few people and now have a few really close friends am happy and go home to see my family every few months. The best of both worlds! I just wanted to share my experience and hope you can find what will make you happy soon best of luck!

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