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January 20th, 2013, 08:27 PM
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Tonight was bath night. Our bathroom is VERY cold because we're working on the bathroom downstairs (in the basement) and there's exposed outer wall which drops the temperature down to FREEZING in both bathrooms (the ceiling is also exposed a bit right under the tub). So, normally I let a heater run in the bathroom for a few minutes to warm it up for Alex. Tonight I also turned on the hot water to warm up the bottom of the tub because of how cold it was in the room. I didn't turn the tap all the way but it was farther on hot that I normally would put it on for Alex.

I left Alex with DH while I ran downstairs for a minute (giving the room a few to warm up) intending to come back up and put him in the tub. DH decided that he would just put Alex in the tub. Well, Daddy didn't test the water first and Mommy sure didn't warn Daddy about the hot water.

I hear a loud SCREAM from upstairs and bolt to the bathroom. There DH has Alex in his arms and his little feet were all red. I quickly snapped him up and put his feet in cold water and told DH to call the Children's Urgent Care.

After several minutes of talking to the nurse (cold water 10 minutes, no topicals, ibprofen, etc) we removed his feet from the water. They were a dark/brightish (?) pink. Not lobster red but definitely sore looking. DH said the nurse was very upset with him on the phone because this was a stupid thing to have happened.

I haven't cried like I thought I would given a situation like this. Honestly, I'm just very shocked that it happened. I take child safety classes, first aid, CPR, etc. I *KNOW* better than to let something like this happen!

I told DH that we might get a follow-up visit or call and that our pediatrician might call tomorrow wanting to see him (the urgent care we go to works with our pediatrician's office so they have the same records). I told him that this is a red flag injury. All I could think of was the image they show you in the child abuse classes of a toddler's lobster red feet. The parents of the child were mad at him so they immersed his feet in boiling hot water and held him there. Alex's feet weren't nearly as red but the pattern looked exactly the same (even line across both feet/legs).

After his feet were done soaking we thoroughly dried them and let him walk/run as he wanted to. He seemed perfectly fine but would sometimes stop and poke at his feet. After a few minutes he tried to climb into the tub because he wanted a bath! Within an hour his feet turned a normal color and I see no signs of blistering. I know the nurse said no topicals but if his feet are very dry tomorrow I'm going to put aquaphor on them to keep them from cracking.

I've touched and rubbed his feet all over just before bed and he doesn't indicate in any way that they hurt him. I think we just got VERY lucky. The water either wasn't hot enough to actually do any damage or DH pulled him out fast enough, either way VERY LUCKY. Tomorrow Alex and I will be going to the store to get those tub stickers that turn color to show that the water temp. is safe.

I feel like a complete idiot.

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