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January 21st, 2013, 07:15 AM
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Yuummm brownies sound good! Cool your son got to help, kids seem to really love being involved in the kitchen...I have let my younger children use butter knives to cut olives for pizza while sittting at the table with me. Lots of fun I agree.

I hope your son has a spot reserved for him. Its such a great time to learn some independence and learning skills. Its usually for only a couple of hours so its not a long day for the little one. Yes my children have gone to preschool a couple of times even while we were in Saudia. They really love it.

Usually feel tired and for me I crave ice really really bad. I cant take the pill form of iron tablets cus its so harsh on me. So I end up taking liquid with B-vits added. It looks like prune juice lool...

Are you planning to cloth diaper or use sposies? Im going to begin potty training my 16 month old hopefully next month so I will have her done with diapers and then just the new baby in diapers. I am wishing for a quick training period like most of the others.

Is your baby bump getting more noticable yet? Are you still able to lay on your stomache comfortablely? Did/do you have any pregnancy induced problems at all?
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