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January 21st, 2013, 10:21 AM
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So, Monday I was 41 +1, and I went in for an NST. It went well. I was dilated for the first time ever, to 1 whole centimeter! I was 80% effaced, and they were able to finally sweep my membranes.

I wanted as natural of a birth as possible, and I was very happy when I started feeling strong contractions that night. However, the contractions didn't stick, but at least they were something. I also ended up losing my mucus plug, and having significant bloody show.

I continued to bleed all day on Tuesday, and had to consult with my doctor as I was saturating pads every few hours, and it seemed like a lot. Contractions continued through Wednesday. They were bad enough now that I could not sleep at all. My second NST got moved up. Everything was still fine. I was dilated to 2cm, and I was told that I was officially in labor! It was early labor, with REAL contractions 7 minutes apart, but too early to get admitted. I was in a bit of pain.

I could not sleep Wednesday night, and I was tracking contractions at 4 minutes apart. I'd also been throwing up everything I ate and drank all night. I couldn't even keep water down. I was dehydrated, weak, and in a ton of pain. I had my husband take me to labor and delivery. They confirmed I was having real contractions, strong ones, but they were not opening up my cervix, and I was still at 2. I was still bleeding, and they confirmed severe dehydration. I had two bags of IV fluids, and was asked if I wanted my induction moved up from Friday. I didn't. I didn't want to be induced, especially now that things were happening!

They prescribed me ambien, because I was so exhaused I was losing fine motor skills. I have been dilligent about not taking anything during pregnancy, but this time I decided the benefits outweighed the risked. I took the ambien, and sleep only for about an hour. I spent from 1am until the next day on the ball, sleeping against the couch for a few minutes at a time, between painful contractions.

All day Thursday I continued to struggle with eating/drinking. I was given zofran, and spend my entire day focused and concentrating on getting through the contractions. They did get a bit better throughout the day. Thursday night they got bad again, and I ended up back in Labor and Delivery with contractions every 4-6 minutes. They still would not admit me, because I was not dilating anymore. This time, they gave me morphine for exhaustion. I was able to sleep about 3 hours, and then from about midnight to 7am on Friday I had contractions about every 3 minutes apart at home. I could have sworn I was in labor, but I was so tired of being turned away from the hospital that I waited until my 7 am induction to go back.

By this time, it has been days of real contractions, days of not eating real foods, and only sipping water plus a few bags of IV fluids. I'm weak, tired, and so lost of resolve.

At 7am, they confirmed I was FOUR CENTIMETERS dilated, and I was in labor! I didn't need to be induced! They said I'd probably been in real active labor for hours!

I started getting excited, thinking I could do this natural, (except the help I'd already had!). By about 9 am, I had not progressed anymore, and they doctors insisted on pitocin and breaking my water. I allowed them to do the pitocin, since technically I was scheduled to be induced, but not to break my water. We started pitocin, and I was at 9cm by about 11am! I was still at 9cm at noon. Pitocin kept getting turned up.

Contractions were incredibly painful, but my breathing and husband's backrubs helped me through it. I allowed the nurse to give me something for nausea, and continued to drink chicken broth and apple juice to keep up some strength.

1pm, still at 9cm! The doctors said I was 90% effaced, but her head was tilted. Because her head was sideways, it wasn't triggering the last bit of dilation. I decided to finally let them break my water. At that point, there was meconium. Since I was almost 42 weeks, it was expected, but still heartbreaking.

We had pitocin at 14 now, and my contractions were measuring 275. I'm not sure what that means, but the nurse said anything over 250 is too strong, so they had to turn it down a bit. I was barely coping with the pain, but hoping an end was in sight.

This went on until 7pm, at which time I was STILL 9cm. The doctors started really talking about a C-section, as we were getting some heart rate decelerations and I was so exhausted and weak from days of no sleep/food, and being in early/active labor for so long before even getting admitted.

I decided to allow them to do an epidural, because they swore if I could just relax that I might dilate. I sobbed, as I really didn't want one. It was so heartbreaking.

The anesthesiologist knew this, and she was amazing. She informed me that she could do levels of epidurals. I didn't know this. She said she could make it so I could still feel my contractions, move my legs, feel the baby crown, and be walking 30 minutes after.

It was true! I was able to feel the contractions, but they were barely painful. I could also feel that my body was clenched up tight, like I was doing a giant kegal, and it took me about 20 minutes to get that to relax. I feel asleep about 7:20 on my right side. The nurse woke me at 8pm to have the doctor check me. Still at 9cm! I was able to roll over onto my back for the check, unassited, even moving my legs (although they were heavy). I then rolled to my left and fell back to sleep. About 20 minutes later I dreamed I needed to poop. The dream was so intense, I woke up screaming that I needed to push. I NEEDED to push. The doctors came running in and said I was COMPLETE and could push!

We got my legs into the stirrups (I could lift my right, but needed help with the left). 40 minutes later, I felt the ring of fire, and it was FIRE! She shot right out in one more push!

She was born at 9:09pm, perfectly healthy, with no issues from the long labor, epidural, or meconium!

Breast feeding is going well, we're doing great, the swelling in my legs is almost gone (something like 6 total bags of fluids), and I'm so grateful that I tried to go natural, but that I listened to some reasoning and medical advice and was able to avoid a C-Section.

It wasn't natural, but I have faith I can do it next time. If I can make it as long as I did on pitocin, and I do it natural! I just hope the next baby has his/her head in the right spot.

7lbs, 13 ounces, 3 stitches!
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