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January 21st, 2013, 12:25 PM
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Hi. I'm currently 19 weeks pregnant with identical twin girls. I have four other children, the latter two of which were born at home with midwives in attendance. I found out a week ago that we're expecting twins. This changes things for me when it comes to birth, but only slightly. Because I live in a state where it's illegal for licensed midwives to deliver twins, I now have to see a trusted and experienced unlicensed midwife AND my regular, licensed midwife. I will switch between seeing them for prenatals and, come time for the birth, I will deliver at my regular midwife's "office" (a house with two birthing suites)- which is close to the hospital- instead of my own home. In attendance will be both midwives, however my licensed midwife won't be able to do the actual "catching" of the babies. But she can otherwise help with whatever the unlicensed midwife might need. My midwife's house is only 20-25 minutes away from where I live, so that's not a big deal. Yes, I'd rather just stay at my own house to deliver, but this is light years more preferable than going to the hospital.

Even if it's illegal in some states for unlicensed midwives to deliver twins, there are ways around it without technically breaking the law. It's all about finding a willing team of knowledgeable people to assist in building a bridge to get there.
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