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January 21st, 2013, 09:23 PM
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I should add a few of my own:

*Overly mechanized toys. We have this dragon ball popper thing that was great for a day and then our burgeoning toddler figured out how to sit on top of it and crush the mechanism that makes the whole thing work. We buy toys for durability now.

*Diaper bags that look like purses. Seriously, this is a BAD idea. All the weight rests on the one arm and makes it useless because you're holding it in place. Much better to get a backpack (We got ours at Ikea that is designed to hold a laptop in the back meaning there is extra cushioning and has air vents on back so you don't get sweaty $20). It's hands free, holds a lot of junk, has compartments, and is so comfy.

*Baby legs (leggings). I thought they were so cute and I even knitted my little tyke a pair. And then I realized that I could have just put a pair of pants on my kid and 100% guarantee that they stayed up.

*Fancy highchair. Just get something to strap onto your regular chair. Make sure your kid won't tip the chair over (we put another chair behind it). Saves a TON of space.

*Purchasing anything new. 100% serious here. Try to get EVERYTHING second hand that is in good condition and doesn't carry an ick factor (I'd never buy a used mattress, highchair, car seat cover, etc.). I used to think that it was better to buy new things for our first one because he's my precious little prince. The heir. Whatever. It's rare that he gets any clothing or items new. In fact, we're hitting the used stores this weekend to get him a toddler bed. Our new one is inheriting the old chewed on crib, lol. Though I do feel bad about that one. I might get DH to at least sand and repaint the crib so that it looks nice again.

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