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January 21st, 2013, 10:35 PM
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This wasn't a doula group though and you don't come in as a back up. You're placed on a schedule ahead of time twice a month and you're on call during those 12 hour time periods. I can easily do two days a month. It's a volunteer program through my local hospital. That's why it was IDEAL! It's set and fixed. You're with the mom for as long as she's in labor at the hospital but that's it. I agree it can take up to two days but I know that in advance and have the childcare and husband as back up. I definitely don't put myself in a situation I don't think I can handle. It was extremely frustrating not to be even given a chance.

I'm going to contact my Doula I used and see if I can schedule to shadow under her but I'd feel so ackward doing it. I'm honestly just discouraged after this incident because this is twice with them and then the other group was not friendly. I'm really finding that the Doula atmosphere just may not be for me here.
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