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January 22nd, 2013, 12:19 AM
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The Sibling Rivalry lol. I was reading DD her bedtime story tonight and she was sitting in my lap leaning back against me and lil guy started kicking away and was kicking DD in her back. (Shes only 26 months so so doesnt fully understand the pregnancy) Well they were hard enough she felt it and she whipped around and looked at my belly with this look like what the heck?? And she says to me...Mommy your belly hurt my back!!! Hahaha I was tryin so hard not to laugh at the situation. So i told her the baby in my belly did it. So she climbs off my lap turns around puts a hand on each side of my stomach and sticks her face real close to my belly and she shouts " Belly baby you no hurt my back!!! No! Bad! Now is night night!" Oh my god. I almost died laughing.

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