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January 22nd, 2013, 01:31 PM
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Alright, my son, Garrett, will be 3 on Friday. He has finally taken potty training serious. He will pee in the toilet and outside and most of the time he does it all by his self. But he wont poop in the toilet. He poops in his pants. And the thing is, it doesnt seem to really bother him. This morning he peed on the floor and told me he peed, as I get ready to change him, I discover the poop too. So its not Mom, I pooped... Its Mom, I peed on the floor.

I am trying the bribing. Telling him he will get a big prize if he poops on the toilet/potty. I even got out the little potty thinking it would be easier for him to sit basically on the floor instead of using the big toilet. So far, nothing is working!

He is one of those kids who doesnt hide, doesnt grunt, face doesnt change red and he doesnt do it at the same time every day. There are no signs that he is going to poop. You only know but the smell that hits you in the face.

How do I get him to start going poop on the toilet?!

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