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January 22nd, 2013, 01:47 PM
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Good idea about the olives - I'll have to try that with DS!

Gosh, diapers. I use disposables with DS. We started with G-diapers, trying to be more eco-friendly. We also started with washclothes and water instead of wipes. I hate to say it, but it felt so wonderful and luxurious to switch over to disposable diapers and wipes. So much easier, and the disposables fit better than the g-diapers. And he did have digestive sensitivities, so things had been pretty messy. In the back of my mind I keep asking myself if we should try cloth diapers next time; I've heard better things about them than about g-diapers. But I think at least we'll probably go through the rapid growth/frequent pooping stages with disposables. What did/will you use?

Best of luck with the potty training coming up! It would be great to train DS before July, but I have a feeling that training him right now would be pretty frustrating, so I'm not going to push it. One of the preschool teachers was talking about how some of the kids become more motivated once they see their classmates using the potty.... that may be how we get started, if necessary.

I can definitely tell I have a baby bump. I've worn some maternity clothes at home, but not out yet. I don't lie down directly on my stomach -- my abdomen became sensitive right away during this pregnancy, so I haven't done that for a while. I can still lie on one side with my other leg slung forward and my body angled toward the bed, if that makes sense.

My pregnancy "problems" have all been typical symptoms so far, except for my right hip. It had really sharp, sudden pains toward the end of my first pregnancy, and a lot of soreness afterward -- enough to make me limp for a while. The hip stayed a little sensitive, just more likely to get sore from exercise or whatever, until this pregnancy. Then, right away, there were pains all around it for a few weeks, but those subsided and it's occasionally sore for no apparent reason. Ha ha, probably more than you ever thought you'd know about my right hip! But it's weird and I hope it doesn't turn into a worse problem. The doctor is just having me keep an eye on it.

So, how's this pregnancy going for you, compared to others? Were any of your kids born outside the US? When do you get to see your OB?
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