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January 22nd, 2013, 02:00 PM
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Here are some of our animals... A little about us we used to take in dogs and find them homes (we cant anymore because our dog Bella is Dog aggressive) we still sometimes take in Horses that are going to be sent to death and find them homes.

This is Bodie we rescued him from an abusive house through a rescue place he was only a few months old when we got him and he had been beaten and acts it

he is a goofball

My Aunts dog (she lives here with us) Jaxx

The one laying down is Bella and Bodie

The black and silver one is Sage with Bella, Sage passed away a couple years ago

This is Ebony we rescued her got her to good health and found her a good home !

These next ones are of Our horse that is not going anywhere! he is a Belgian named Prince, we got him from a friend that used him as a pull horse Prince is now in retirement with us.

we do occasionally put his stuff back on to make sure he does not lose too much muscle tone (this is not my dad lol it's the person we got Prince from)

This is what he thinks of work now

This is Harley my goat, though we had to find him a new home because he was not the smartest and got stepped on by the horse once, I miss him so much!

Two duckies!

Our Hermit Crab Bronson which we also had to find someone to take because my cat kept peeing in the box he was in he thought the sand was litter... poor Bronson...

The next two are of kittens that I personally saved... my uncle had a cat from his ex that got prego we took her in she had 12 babies (she was only 2 when she had them) she left them for dead I found them so close to death I warmed them with my chest, sadly most passed away BUT two did not and they are big now with happy families!

Onto the next! lol (almost done... almost..) This next one is of my ferret I used to have named Scooby! yes i took him out on a leash! (i had another one as well named Daisy! I loved them

This one is of a Sugar Glider Gizmo I took in for a while to find a home for, those animals are so cool but are very hard work! he is now with a family that has a happy friend for him !

This is my DH playing video games with his moms cat Chloe (her cat is not mine but was very attached to us lol)

And last but not least My little kitty I that is a nutcase Sin

I don't have a picture of him but I have a rat named Marley and he is such a cute love bug!

we have also had snakes, other reptiles, other mammals (rats, mice, birds, chickens, ducks, sheep, ect)

again sorry for so many trust me we have had MANY MORE!! but not all of them I have pictures of. I love the fact I grew up with so many animals I have such a respect and love for them, to help them when they are in need. We do not get animals to give away we take them in from people who can't take care of them or abuse them and find them new homes, yes some of my pets have had to leave me because I realized I could not give them what they needed (ferrets need A LOT of attention and out of cage play time which is hard in this house!)

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