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January 22nd, 2013, 06:23 PM
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I too had a bad experience with a doula. She was for my first VBAC and we didn't get her until the end. She had a huge attitude at the birth and actually stormed out when DH became openly agitated with her. She seemed more interested in gossiping with the L&D nurses than with helping me. We just didn't click also. Up here they had this doula speed date event so you can meet all available doulas in a short time to get a feel for them. We're not getting one but I thought that was neat.

Mom and her whole fam loooves FSU. She got her teaching degree there and her brothers went there as well. But my dad, me and my DH alll dislike sports immensely, LOL. Figures, huh?

Hope you have a good time at the playgroup meeting tomorrow. Let me know how it goes

ETA: Coincidentally I have a friend from here who's getting a divorce and is living in Asheboro, NC with her soon to be ex-DH. She's moving back down here next weekend after living there for 4 yrs or so. I always think of that when I see you talk about moving from NC to FL.

Also, we went to Jacksonville and St. Augustine for our honeymoon 9 yrs ago.

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