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January 22nd, 2013, 10:46 PM
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Was looking through family photos with my husband's aunt. Learned a lot though the reason for going through the photos was sad (husband's grandpa passed away, services are this weekend, grandpa was David Franklin).

Anna & Franklin "Frank"
Virginia & David Chester (my grandmother was also named Virginia, mn Gladys)

I would be thrilled to use the name Virginia one day but dh doesn't care for place names

Incomplete list of family names a couple generations ago and older:
Roberta (dh)
Charlotte (dh)
David (dh)
Emil (dh)
Doris (dh)
Bradley "Brad" (dh)
Jim, assume nn for James (dh)
Buddy, actual name not nn (dh)
Charles (dh)
Elsie Lorraine, went by Lorraine (dh)
Richard "Dick" (dh)
Ann (dh)
Edward "Ed" (dh)
Thomas (mine)
Virginia Gladys (mine)
Diana Marie (mine)
Eileen Marie (mine)
Eleanor (mine)
David (mine)
James "Jim" (mine)
Thomas "Tommy" (mine)
Mary (mine)
Elwood Sr. (mine)
Elwood Jr. (mine)
Juanita (mine)
Barbara (mine)
Gerald Damien (mine)
Butch, nn (mine)
Marie (mine)
Becky (mine)
Kenny (mine)

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