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January 23rd, 2013, 03:05 AM
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Some goals that I would like to accomplish before TTC (I'm trying to stay busy so our last year here will go by quick too!)

-DH to make the next Rank (he tests in a few weeks and we will find out if he made it in June)
-Half Marathon in March
-Run a full Marathon in April
-Perimeter Run in April (It's where everyone runs the perimeter of the island 49 miles)
- We are currently doing Dave Ramsey's Money Makeover... so have all consumer debt paid off by September
-KoKo Half Marathon in Oct
-Receive a promotion by end of Nov for myself.
-Compete in a Figure competition in Nov with DH
-Graduate with Second Master's in Dec
-Save 30K by Feb 2014
-Travel to either Australia or China before we leave
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