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January 23rd, 2013, 08:02 AM
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So if you know sleep is a huge issue for you, I would wait a bit in between. It's tough to balance who needs you in the middle of the night when you are a zombie yourself (those moments when one wants to nurse and one threw up from coughing are brutal...especially when both want/need MOM!)
This was always a big one for me when deciding on how to space our children. I had PPD since my first was born and still battle depression. Getting a decent amount of sleep really affects so much of my mood. Running on 4 hours of broken sleep just doesn't cut it for me. We ended up with a 2.25-2.5 year gap between all 3 of our girls and it has been really perfect for me.

I think bringing up sleep is a good point too, it's still so early that there is so many more sleep obstacles to come with your babe! My daughters all slept well between about 6 weeks-3 months and then hit the 3 month sleep regression, which least a year, lol Between teething, and illnesses, it can be tough. It sounds like 2nd babies frequently had difficult personalities, which I experienced with my 2nd also. She has never been a good sleeper (part of the "challenge" of her) and she just turned 4 and is sometimes up twice a night, on a normal night. Between that and dealing with a teething 16 month old who is still up every 3-4 hours, it can be exhausting!
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